Pet Loss Advice;10 coping tips to help you and your children recover from the death of a beloved pet

  • Give yourself permission to grieve. Denying these natural emotions can elevate stress and physical fatigue.

  • Seek out friends and family members who share your compassion for animals. Focus more on their good intentions and not necessarily their words. Animal Friends is a great resource in this way.

  • Dismiss and ignore comments from those who may trivialize your loss. They may never have had a pet or recognized the closeness of your friendship with your pet.

  • Recognize that your departed pet is one-of-a-kind who can never be replaced. When you are ready to adopt a new pet, embrace that new pet for her uniqueness and avoid comparing her to your previous pet.

  • Treat yourself well. Eat healthy meals and get ample sleep. This is often ignored.

  • Fight through sad or blue moods by exercising. Physical activity raises endorphins and other feel-good hormones in your body. Take longer walks or bike rides, for example, in scenic areas.

  • Avoid declarations such as, “I will never get another pet.” These statements hinder your healing process.

  • Ritualize your pet’s death through a ceremony or memorial service. The greatest way to honor the memory of a pet is to learn how to become a better person for having them in your life. Please call Animal Friends about our Pet Remembrance services at 412.847.7031.

  • Spend time recalling happy, silly, fond memories you shared with your pet. Consider writing a letter or poem to and from your departed pet. Getting words down on paper can sometimes help the grieving process.
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