Make Toys for Our Cats

Butterflies for Cats


  • Tissue paper
  • Pipe cleaners


  1. Cut pipe cleaners into thirds.
  2. Cut layers of tissue paper into rectangles (about 2″ x 3″).
  3. Gather the tissue paper in the center of the rectangle and bend the pipe cleaner around the tissue. Twist the ends into antennae to secure.
  4. Always supervise your pet with a new toy to ensure that they can play safely.
  5. The tissue butterflies are easily tossed and make a crinkling sound to stimulate the play.

Ravioli Cat Toy

Cut out two squares from your fabric of choice with pinking shears for that authentic Italian pasta look! Stitch a 1/4-inch seam allowance and leave an end open for stuffing. 6-8 tight stitches on each side are all that is needed. Pinking the edges and stitching without turning it inside out make sewing the toy quick.

Fill end with fiberfill and a pinch of catnip. Stitch closed and give to your favorite cat!

Pipe Cleaner Pretzels

Follow these simple steps to make a pretzel toy for cats.

  1. Make a “U” shape.
  2. Cross the legs of the “U.”
  3. Twist where the legs cross. Tighten the twist.
  4. Pull the tips back down over the “O” to form the pretzel shape.
  5. Twist the tips tightly along the bottom of your pretzel.

Happy Socks for Kittens and Cats

We all seem to have a mismatched sock or two laying around that we can put to good use for our cats. Collect old socks (such as children’s crew socks) that don’t have holes in them. For each Happy Sock: Stuff one small fistful of fiberfill into the toe of the sock. Measure one tablespoon of dried cat nip and carefully put it in the sock. Shake the sock well to distribute the catnip through the fiberfill. Tie the top of the sock in a secure knot (doubled if possible).