Your Donation Will Be MATCHED!

Thanks to steadfast supporters Bob and Janine Fragasso!

From November 1 through the end of the year, your donation to Animal Friends’ Low-Cost Spay/Neuter (LCSN) program will save even more lives, thanks to a matching gift from our good friends Bob and Janine Fragasso.

We couldn’t be more grateful. Because, Let’s face it. Fundraising for spay and neuter programming isn’t an easy sell. It isn’t cute and fuzzy. But it is critical.

And if we, as a community, are truly committed to putting an end to needless euthanasia, we have to take action. We can’t be fooled into believing that we can adopt our way out of pet overpopulation. We have to stem the tide at the source.

And that’s just what an extraordinarily generous challenge from Bob and Janine will allow us to do. They have pledged to give fifty cents for every dollar donated to Animal Friends’ LCSN program, up to $50,000, from November 1 – December 31.

Bob explains, “We decided to step up to offer this funding challenge because spaying and neutering companion animals and feral cat colonies is the only way that we can eventually control overpopulation and thereby eliminate thousands of unwarranted animal euthanasia each year in our region. Animal Friends is a nationally recognized animal and human welfare organization and now it is accepting the challenge to eliminate those unnecessary deaths. Euthanasia of companion animals is a legitimate issue for all caring humans, but it also extends to quality of life and public health concerns that impact all of our citizens. We invite others to join in the successful effort now ongoing at Animal Friends and make us spend all of our matching money by contributing now.”

Animal Friends has always been this region’s leader in animal welfare – consistently raising the bar on how we collectively care for and value our animal companions. Animal Friends’ Chief Operating Officer, Kathleen Beaver, states, “We were the first to offer progressive low cost spay/neuter in this region. We were the first to take a stand against traditional, status-quo animal sheltering by opening a true companion animal resource center. We were the first to put a mobile spay/neuter clinic on the road serving struggling pet owners and rural shelters who had no other options. And since 1994, we have altered over 100,000 animals! At Animal Friends, we have the experience, we have the highly skilled staff and veterinarians, and most importantly, we have the passion to save lives.”

We need your help to maximize this challenge set by Bob and Janine. If our donors come forward, Animal Friends will raise $150,000 for the lifesaving LCSN program. To make your donation, log on to beginning November 1.

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