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Animal cruelty, dog fighting and animal neglect are issues that are all too common in our area. The reality of these activities touches the lives of all citizens, pet-owning and non-pet-owning alike.  At Animal Friends, our Humane Investigations Department serves as a valuable resource for citizens to call to report animal abuse. We provide investigative and law enforcement support to all of Allegheny County, ensuring that all animals are given the protection they are due under the law.

To report animal cruelty in Allegheny County, call 412.847.7000 and dial extension 7066.

Animal Friends Humane Investigations Department is staffed Mon.-Fri. from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. If you need to report an emergency situation overnight or on Sat. or Sun., please call 911.

Click here for more information about reporting animal cruelty. 

What Animal Friends' Humane Police Officers Do

  • Serve as police officers to enforce the cruelty laws under authority granted by state Statute 22 Pa.C.S.A. Chapter 37
  • Investigate cases of animal cruelty, neglect and dog fighting
  • Rescue animals who are abandoned or mistreated
  • Appear in court to prosecute animal abusers
  • Are sometimes the first on the scene when women, children, or seniors are being abused in the home
  • Work to make sure that pets and people are safe in our community
  • Rely solely on donations from individuals in the community.

Animal Friends receives an average of 800 complaints of suspected animal cruelty, neglect and crimes of dog fighting every year, with nearly 15% requiring immediate rescue. During a cruelty investigation, our Humane Police Officers may become aware of people in crisis or victims of domestic violence and can refer them to temporary emergency boarding programs.

As Animal Friends’ Humane Police Officer knows all too well, violence in a home rarely stops with the pet. And, animal abuse isn’t just a problem for animal shelters. Even dog fighting—which is almost always accompanied by other forms of illegal activity—takes a toll on the entire community. Humane Police Officers are the first responders in cases of suspected animal cruelty. And, many times, they are the first to recognize a larger problem in a home. 

Animal Friends’ Humane Police Officer has conducted many investigations when concerned neighbors noticed that pets were not being taken care of…only to find that a child, a spouse, or an elder family member was also being abused, unseen behind closed doors. Humane Police Officers are trained to recognize abuse and work collaboratively with other police officers and protective agencies to ensure that no members of the community are at risk for violence.

Thanks to Humane Police Officers, the pets in our region have someone looking out for their rights and protection. But Humane Police Officers also educate and support local, municipal police officers who encounter animal cruelty and also have legal authority to enforce Pennsylvania's Cruelty to Animals law.


What Humane Police Officers Do Not Do

In Pennsylvania, Humane Police Officers are not allowed to enforce dog laws concerning licensing, rabies vaccinations, dangerous dogs, dog bites, barking complaints and running-at-large issues.

We are not allowed to enforce any laws that involve theft. Custody conflicts regarding animals are usually civil in nature and should be addressed by an attorney.

Humane Police Officers are not allowed to give legal advice, nor can they enforce any local ordinances.


Putting an End to Dog Fighting in Southwestern Pennsylvania

Our Humane Police Officers investigate calls made to 412.847.7066 in an effort to end this brutal crime.

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