Home-to-Home Adoption Program: MooMoo

Meet MooMoo!

MooMoo is a 40lb ~1.5y/o medium sized, Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix.

His story with us began in early November 2023, when we found him abandoned in a crate in the alley behind our home. He was hungry and scared, and even though we were not in a position to keep him long term, we knew instantly from his big brown eyes and sweet temperament that he was a good boy deserving of a loving home. At the time, all the local rescues and foster programs were full; so, we decided the best thing would be to take him in and nurse him back to health in the hopes we could find a home for him in the future.

Well, that time has come! Moo has improved SO MUCH over the last 4 months and his sweet and goofy personality has really started to show! We would have loved to keep Moo, but with a 2y/o husky/beagle mix who requires a lot of attention and is still in training already in the house, we just do not have the bandwidth to give both dogs the training and attention they need to be their best selves. We want to find Moo a home where he can be the center of attention and get all the love he deserves!

MooMoo’s Highlights:

  • Vaccines UTD, neutered
  • House-trained
  • Completed a 7-week group training course and knows basic commands
  • Extremely food motivated and learns quickly
  • Loose leash walking (as long as you have treats!)
  • Gets along with dogs of all sizes
  • Does well with small children
  • Loves baths and car rides
  • Communicates via adorable snorts & grunts
  • Built like a little bodybuilder and has the strength to match
  • Naps most of the day
  • LOVES to cuddle

Things MooMoo is Working on:

  • Crate Training
  • Separation Anxiety (has made significant improvements since we found him!)
  • Overexcitement when greeting other dogs

The Right Home for MooMoo:

  • Understands the needs of a high energy/athletic dog
  • Has patience and commitment to his continued training
  • Would not often leave him alone for long periods of time

For a video collage to see Moo in action click here!


Owner contact: Sidney and Ronal at 770.624.4650 or sidneywlane@gmail.com

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