Please bring donations to Animal Friends.        

 We are currently in need of:
Smaller bags of cat and dog food
Brand new pet toys (tags attached)
Cat treats
Pet food coupons

Our Chow Wagon has made 91 deliveries totaling a whopping 30,000 pounds of pet food and treats this year alone!


Happy Anniversary!

Bellevue Suburban - Joined 1-4-10

Henry Kaufmann House and Animal Friends' volunteer deliverer - Joined 1-19-12


A Happy "Tail"

It is not what we give, but what we share!

"Our collaboration with the Animal Friends’ Chow Wagon is very important to us and to the low income individuals we serve who have pets. I can’t imagine having to give up my dear canine kids because I could not afford to feed them. We are blessed to have this relationship with you."

"Thank you seems so insignificant for the continuing Chow Wagon program. Our pets thank you for all that you do!”—Food Pantry Coordinator

As we roll into 2016, please continue to help support Chow Wagon with your talents, gifts and treasures. You make Pittsburgh someplace special!


The Animal Friends’ Chow Wagon has passed the 232,000 lb. mark in donations!

That's right!  We've given over 232,000 pounds of pet food and treats to 28 food pantries!

We began April 16, 2007 with donations to the Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry, an arm of North Hills Community Outreach.
We added three more pantries that year. Now, only 7 years later, we are giving approximately 2,000 lbs. per month and
assisting between 400-650 pet owning families who are clients of our community’s food pantries.

Chow Wagon has grown and blossomed due to the community’s belief and support of this mission. The people in Pittsburgh have generously donated food and funds. For a fledgling program started on a “wing and a prayer”, Chow Wagon has grown beyond our wildest dreams!  We couldn't do it without your support.   

Chow Wagon

Animal Friends’ Chow Wagon was born on April 16, 2007 to provide assistance for people and their pets.  Today, this pet food bank is currently partnering with 28 community food pantries and one Meals on Wheels group. The Chow Wagon supplies pet food and treats to these groups on a monthly basis. 

Our goal is to help pet owning families keep their furry family members, even during challenging economic times. By keeping people and their pets together, the Chow Wagon strengthens our community as a whole. 

The Community Need
The first time one of our clients saw canned cat food on the food pantry shelf, he was overjoyed. The pantry coordinator said, "I didn't know you had a cat." The man replied, "Didn't you ever wonder why I would take six to eight cans of tuna when I came in? I needed the tuna to feed my cat.”

The need was clear: even in times of family financial hardship, pet owners will sacrifice food for themselves in order to feed their pets. By forming partnerships with 23 community food pantries, between 1,000  and 1,500 pet-owning clients are able to choose pet food and treats for their companion animals every month. 

Whom We Serve
Chow Wagon food pantry partners  provide on-going support:
(In order to receive pet food from the following pantries,  you must first become a client of that particular pantry)

Allegheny County- City of Pittsburgh
St. Vincent de Paul in Manchester- 412-321-1071 X 205
Riverview Presbyterian Church in Perrysville- 412-321-7300
Homewood YMCA - 412-243-2900
Brashear Association on the South Side- 412-431-2236 X 12
Our Lady of the Angels in Lawrenceville- 412-682-3877
Chain of Hope in Wilkinsburg-412-247-5018
Brookline Christian at Brookline Blvd. United Presbyterian Church- 412-531-0590
Bethany Baptist Church In Homewood-412-242-3255
Squirrel Hill Jewish Family and Children's Services- 412-421-2708
Hazelwood at Chatsworth Ave. YMCA-412-421-5648
Zion Christian Church in Carrick - 412-884-6497

Community Human Services In Oakland-412-583-9748
Riverview Towers in Squirrel Hill - 412-521-7876

Henry Kaufmann House in the Arlington neighborhood-412-431-0557
The HSUS "Pets for Life" program in Homewood

Allegheny County-West
West Hills Food Pantry in Coraopolis-412-262-4930
West Allegheny Food Pantry in Imperial - 724-695-1305

Allegheny County-East
Penn Hills Food Pantry on Universal Rd.-412-798-2711

Allegheny County-South
Brentwood at Brentwood Presbyterian Church-412-884-3814
Brentwood Meals on Wheels-412-881-6688
Cloverleaf Area in Baldwin - 412-207-1657
South Hills Interfaith Ministries in Bethel Park -412-854-9120 X 20

Allegheny County-North
Loaves and Fishes at North Hills Community Outreach-412-487-6316 X 3145
Millvale Food Pantry (affiliated with NHCO)-412-487-6316 X 3145
Bellevue Suburban at Bellevue Suburban General Hospital
Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center-412-782-4457 X 202
St. Sebastian Parish on Siebert Rd. – 412-364-8999

Beaver County
Ambridge - 724-251-4899

Armstrong County
Apollo on Old State Rd. in Apollo

Individuals for one-time crisis support
For individuals not affiliated with a food pantry, please call Eula at 412.847.7061 to request an individual donation of pet food.  You must be able to come to Animal Friends to pick up your Chow Wagon donation.

Feral cat colonies for continuing support
If you are feeding a feral cat colony and need assistance with cat food, please call Eula at 412.847.7061.

How to Help
Animal Friend's Chow Wagon is grateful to all the donors in the surrounding Pittsburgh communities for their generosity, support, and belief in this mission. Through their countless donations of pet food, treats and pet food coupons, the Chow Wagon has been able to consistently assist hundreds of families per month.

Financial donations are also welcome.  Click here to donate.

Organize a Chow Wagon Drive
Having a pet food drive is meaningful, exciting and fun! Get your neighborhood, office, or classroom involved and have a good time collecting for a very worthy cause.  Please complete this form and click "send".


Thank You

Thank you to Animal Friends’ volunteer delivery persons Tanja Berkhouse, Rose Buckwalter, Whit Cadman, Ken Chwilka, Morry Cohen, Harry Feather, Marcy Fennell, Diane Friske, Ray Gross, Connie Jones, Kaley Kaczinski, Kim Krisciunas, Kathy Kuhta, Karen Lewis, Val Polka, Mary Beth Rauktis, Carole Shanahan, Mary Soukup, Jim Stocker and Deb Viducich.

Thank you poster, signed by clients of the West Hills Food Pantry.

A summer shout out to Debbie Fulton and the folks at Foster Plaza in Greentree! Our annual Chow Wagon Round-Up on July 28 brought in 1,300 lbs. of pet food and treats and $1,512 in donations! 

Thank you to Erie Insurance in Murrysville! They held their annual Chow Wagon Round-Up drive in August and donated $1,351. We are indebted to Kim Krisciunas for spearheading this event each year!

Grateful thanks to Deborah Lopata and AIG Insurance! They collected $300, pet food coupons and much needed toys and treats! 

AIG Property Casualty will be collecting pet food coupons monthly!

Chow Wagon sends a big thank you to Amy Pietzak and ANSYS, Inc. in Canonsburg for hosting its first ever Chow Wagon Round-Up! They collected 400 pounds of pet food, treats and toys!

A summer thank you to our friends at UPMC. Their April Chow Wagon drive brought in 850 lbs. of pet food and treats and $6,272! 

Hooray for “Team Chow Wagon” under the leadership of Mary Beth Rauktis!  Mary Beth competed in the EQT 10 miler on August 25th and she and her crew raised $210.00 for Chow Wagon!

Thanksgiving came early to Chow Wagon as the Pitt People for Pets’ annual Chow Wagon drive brought in 1000 lbs. of pet food and donated over $1300.00 to our program. Our thanks to Meg Campbell, Dr. John Wilds, Kannu Sahni, Sgt. Nanz and Officer Riggs and the many students and faculty of the university who spearheaded this wonderful effort!



A big thank you to you Gianna Reed who held a Chow Wagon fundraiser at her school, West View Elementary, during the month of October. Her efforts brought in over 200 items for Chow Wagon! Thank you, Gianna!



Click here to learn more or watch a video about Animal Friends' Chow Wagon.  Also take a look at our printable and sharable Chow Wagon brochure.


For more information on the Chow Wagon program contact:

Amy Martello
Therapeutic Services Coordinator

Animal Friends

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