Golden Age Retriever Program

Animal Friends’ unique Golden Age Retriever adoption program matches our mature neighbors with senior pets. The adopted animals thrive in responsible homes while the senior adopters benefit from the increased activity and companionship that accompany pet ownership.


Golden Age Adopters (age 60 and over) benefit from discounted adoptions. We request the following donations from adopters 60 and over:

Kittens 20 weeks or under: $50.00
Cats over 20 weeks: $25.00
Dogs 3 years and older: $25.00
Puppies 20 weeks or under: $100.00 (no discount)
Dogs 20 weeks to 3 years: $75.00 (no discount)


Golden Age Testimonial

"On January 9th, my life was enhanced with the addition of Princess.  Originally named Judy Garland, this 12-year-old pug was one of the many animals brought in during the New Year's Eve Rescue.  Deaf and with limited vision, she has begun to enjoy longer walks in the neighbohood and is a sweet and dear companion to her 16-year-old canine brother, Zeke.  Princess does more than relax!  She made her first Pet-Assisted Therapy visit to Verland on March 7th!  She had a marvelous time meeting and greeting! Welcoming Princess has made my life complete!  She is a joy!  For Princess, the New Year's Eve Rescue has come full circle."
- Michael Joyce




Golden Age Retrievers

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