How to Report Animal Cruelty

Please note that our current jurisdiction is limited to Allegheny County. If you witness cruelty that is occurring in another county, refer to the Humane Society Police Officer Registry maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to find an officer who has the required legal authority to respond. If your county does not have a Humane Police Officer, contact your local police or District Attorney's Office.


Animal Friends Humane Investigations Department is staffed Mon.-Fri. from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. If you need to report an emergency situation overnight or on Sat. or Sun., please call 911.

If you are reporting cruelty in Allegheny County, call 412.847.7000 and dial extension 7066 to give your eyewitness report. Hearsay and secondhand information cannot be investigated and only those with firsthand knowledge of the abuse should file a report.

Make sure you have an accurate address when reporting a situation. If you do not know the address, name a nearby cross street or the nearest address and provide a detailed description of the residence and clear directions to the address.

  • Please leave an address, a detailed synopsis of the concern and a call-back number.
  • Please do not leave a message asking us to call you back to get the information.
  • Please provide all of the information we need in order to proceed.
  • Please do not call multiple agencies with the same report.

While our Humane Investigations Department endeavors to respond to all calls as quickly as possible, with only one Humane Police Officer to cover all of Allegheny County, unfortunately we cannot provide 24/7 coverage and there are delays in our response times. Because animal cruelty can occur at a time when our Humane Police Officer is unavailable or the cruelty is of an urgent or life-threatening nature requiring an immediate response, you can report cruelty to the local police who can also enforce the animal cruelty law found in Title 18, Chapter 55, Subchapter B of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code. 

If you aren’t sure whether the situation you are concerned about is legal or not, or if you just want to be educated about Pennsylvania animal laws, please visit the website of the Federated Humane Societies of PA, which offers a complete listing of all the laws regarding animal cruelty and a registry of Humane Police Officers and the counties they cover. You can also find valuable information on current and pending legislation, seminars, training and workshops, as well as other pertinent information about Humane Police Officer activities.

Other Resources 

Information about animal abuse: 

Local Shelters:

  • Animal Friends' Lost and Found Pet Line | 412.847.7002
  • Humane Animal Rescue
  • Northside Shelter and Clinic | 412.321.4625
  • East End Animal Resource Center | 412.345.7300

Other Area Shelters:

  • Butler County Humane Society | 724.789.1150
  • Greene County Humane Society | 724.627.9988
  • Washington County Humane Society | 724.222.7387
  • Indiana County Humane Society | 724.465.3977
  • Four Footed Friends | 724.349.1144

Animal Control Facilities

  • City of Pittsburgh Animal Control | 412.255.2036
  • Hoffman Animal Control | 724.468.5505
  • Camo Kennels Animal Control | 412.672.6699
  • South Hills Animal Control | 724.941.7500 or 9-1-1

If you are not sure who your animal control service provider is, call your local police.

Pennsylvania Dog Law:

  • State Dog Warden for Allegheny County | 412.418.2163
  • State Dog Warden for Westmoreland County | 724.496.9421
  • State Dog Warden for Other Counties | 724.832.1073


Homeless Cat Management Team (Feral Cats) | 412.321.4060

How to Report Animal Cruelty

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