We appreciate students who want to help the animals! And we enjoy meeting kids of all ages who love animals as much as we do! 

Teens age 13+
Kids 12 and under
Donation Drop-offs
Kind Kids
Humane Helpers


Teens age 13+

Teens can become official Animal Friends volunteers if they are age 13 or older.

Teens and parents, please click here for information about how to become an Animal Friends volunteer. Because of insurance considerations and state regulations, we are restricted in our ability to provide hands-on animal projects for those 12 and under. The following sections include options about how kids 12 and under can support the dogs, cats, and rabbits living at Animal Friends. 



Kids 12 and under

Kids who want to help the animals but aren’t old enough yet to become official volunteers can still make an impact!

• Distribute the Petsburgh Press in your community. (Please get permission before leaving them with your local veterinarian, groomer, other place of business, public library, or school library.) Our newspaper is published five times a year, and you can pick up a bundle inside our lobby.
• Organize a school or community supply drive (click here to print out a supply drive form). Please note that we do not accept homemade treats.
• Make blankets for the dogs (click here to learn how!)
• Make toys for the cats (click here to learn how!)
• Join our Street Team to get out the word about Animal Friends' dogs, cats, and rabbits who need homes (click here for fliers and signs)
• Fundraise for the animals (click here to learn about our Kind Kids program – and how you can get to name an Animal Friends resident)



Donation Drop-offs

We appreciate students who complete community service or fundraising projects for Animal Friends. We encourage students to hold supply drives in honor of their birthdays, confirmations, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Girl Scout Bronze Awards, etc. or just because they love animals. We enjoy meeting and thanking kids who love our animals.

Drop-off appointments for supply drive items or Kind Kid monetary gifts are available only for groups of 12 children or less; students will receive a certificate, have their photo taken, and receive a personal tour. (An animal interaction is not included). The visit will take 20-30 minutes.

To make a drop-off appointment, email Dana Schultz, Education Coordinator, at least 2 weeks before you would like to bring in the donations.

Students should please record the items on our In-Kind Donation Form prior to bringing them to Animal Friends. Directions for completing the form can be found here. Students who are having their photo taken should each bring a copy of our Photo Release Form signed by their parents.

If children from an individual family (not student groups/troops) would like to drop off donations with their parent and without an appointment, they may receive a certificate from the greeter in the lobby. The family should complete the In-Kind Donation form for supply drive items or submit their monetary donation to the staff in the retail store. We can accept donations/monetary gifts during our regular operating hours: 11 a.m.-7 p.m. on weekdays and 10 a.m.-5 p.m. on weekends.

Please note that we are no longer accepting homemade dog treats.

Groups of up to 30 children can register for our 1.25 hour program AF127 Children's Presentations and Shelter Tours at Animal Friends  at ThinkingOutsideTheCage.org/KidsTours. If the upcoming reservations for AF 127 are closed, the leader may select 1-12 students to attend to represent the group at a donation drop-off appointment, or the leader may drop off the donations without the children attending.

We also offer free tours and a photo opportunity at some of our events for children. Click here to see if spaces are available to register for a free tour for a group of up to 30. 



Kind Kids

We welcome monetary donations from children's groups. Please click here for more information on our Kind Kids program – and how your children's group can name an Animal Friends animal.


Humane Helpers

Click below to check out photos of our Humane Helpers!

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