Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return (TNVR)

The Clinic Services Department is working to help the community manage outdoor (feral, stray and barn) cat populations by practicing TNVR. Outdoor (community, stray and barn) cats are eligible for a $40 package that includes spay/neuter surgery, rabies and FVRCP vaccinations, flea treatment, ear tip, pregnancy termination and treatment for any other parasites found at the time of surgery. Ear tips are mandatory with the feral cat pricing.


Need a humane trap to catch your feral cat?
Humane box traps can be rented for $65, which is refunded when the trap is returned in full working order. Trap rentals are by appointment only and can be set up at the same time you schedule the cat’s surgery. Traps are only rented out to clients scheduling with Animal Friends. Contact Chelsea at 412.847.7086 or at to set up a trap rental.


What is a community or feral cat? What is the difference between community or feral and stray cats?
Community or feral cats are the same species as your average house cat, but they have been raised without human contact. These cats still rely on human caretakers to offer proper food and shelter, but do not want to interact with people. They cannot be made into house cats and are happiest outside.

Stray cats are typically cats that belonged to someone, but were either lost or abandoned. These cats may be very friendly or warm up to people slowly, and in some cases can be brought into the home as a pet.


What is TNVR?
TNVR stands for Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return, it is a means of humanely controlling cat populations. Community or feral cats are trapped using humane box traps, neutered/spayed and ear-tipped by a vet, then returned to where they were caught for continued care by a colony caretaker.


Trap Neuter Vaccinate and Return is the most humane way to combat cat overpopulation. Euthanizing feral cat populations is not only inhumane but also ineffective.


What is an ear tip?
Ear tips are a means for identifying feral cats from a distance. During surgery, the top third of the left ear is removed or tipped.

Interested in learning more about feral and stray cats? Alley Cat Allies and Neighborhood Cats are organizations dedicated to helping outdoor cats and offer great resources on their websites from trapping cats to constructing winter shelters.


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