When you choose a Mission: Adoptable dog not only will you get a wonderful furry friend but you will also receive these added benefits to better acclimate your new pet into your home: 

- Individualized matchmaking and counseling by a trained Adoption Counselor.
- Waived adoption donation, one dose of heartworm preventative for the month following adoption.
- Access to Animal Friends’ Behavior Hotline.
- Certificate for $10 off any Animal Friends University Dog Manners class.
- 20% off any purchase in the Animal Friends Retail Store on the day of adoption.
- 10% lifetime discount for all purchases in the Animal Friends Retail Store.
- Continuing support from Animal Friends Adoption Department to address any questions or concerns.


Plus additional benefits that will help your Mission: Adoptable dog settle into your home!


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Cleo found her way to Animal Friends after a local dog warden found her running at large in Lawrence County. She was wiggly and friendly upon admission and quickly showed her energy level! Cleo is a high-energy girl who needs stimulation - both mental and physical. She has been in a foster home for two years, but is still looking for a loving home.

She is good in the home, occupying herself with bones and naps throughout the day. She loves to chase a laser light around the living room, which can keep her busy for hours – if you are willing!

Because of Cleo’s high energy level and playstyle, she doesn’t get along well with all dogs. Some dogs enjoy her energy and enthusiasm for play, while others are put off by it. Because of this, we are recommending that she be the only animal in the home. Cleo loves walks and jogs with her human companions and has been working diligently on her leash manners.

Cleo would benefit from taking some behavior classes to fine-tune her skills. Her hyperactivity and anxiety suggests that she would not do well in a home with children. She can be overwhelming and mouthy when aroused. Cleo has been prescribed medicine to help manage her hyperactivity and anxiety, and combined with positive reinforcement training techniques, she is doing really well!

In addition to the above Mission: Adoptable benefits, Cleo's new family will receive a scholarship towards classes and training sessions through our Animal Friends University (Two 1-hour one-on-one training sessions and five play yard rentals).

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to give Cleo a loving home.
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