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Animal Friends for Life is a community-based outreach program that was started not just as a way to provide affordable and accessible wellness services, but to teach underserved communities about how to keep their companion animals healthy.

Everyone needs some help from time to time. We see it every day. It's especially evident in communities that are struggling economically. By taking a hands-on approach in these neighborhoods, we can continue to work toward ending pet overpopulation and offer basic services like spay/neuter and vaccinations and sometimes a shoulder to lean on.


Who We Serve

Focused on the Perry Hilltop and Observatory Hill neighborhoods of the North Side, we meet struggling pet owners right where they are to better understand the resources and information they need.

By going directly to these neighborhoods, our staff and volunteers can gain a better understanding of the challenges faced by pet owners and help them keep their beloved pets at home where they belong.


How It Works

It isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. It's individualized support for each pet owner and care for their beloved animal companions. For some, it's access to free spay/neuter. For others, it's nutritious food from our Chow Wagon Pet Food Bank. And for others still, it's information about behavior issues or proper pet care. Our focus is on building lasting relationships with each pet owner so they know exactly where to turn.


Get Involved

To learn more about Animal Friends for Life or to find out how you can get involved, contact Kaley Kaczynski, Animal Friends for Life Coordinator at 412.847.7068 or


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