Far too often we are exposed to the ugly underbelly of our society. When that happens we shake our heads, wipe off the tears … then get to work. Just like we did with Abby.

Abby was removed from an abusive owner who beat, starved and water boarded her and the other two dozen dogs he owned.

Thankfully, these brutalized and emotionally damaged creatures were rescued by another regional shelter. However, they felt Abby needed more rehabilitation than they could provide, so they called Animal Friends for help. Our Behavior team quickly went to work bringing Abby out of her shell and encouraging her to trust again. From water boarded to much beloved, Abby is now on her way to a brand-new life.

We are proud of our skilled Behavior team. They commit countless hours to the 250 dogs, cats and rabbits who fill our kennels every day – especially those who need extra socialization, behavior modification and specialized training to prepare them for their new homes. They ensure every animal in our care receives mental stimulation in the form of games, activities and handling that wards off boredom, stress and anxiety. It’s a big commitment, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Fearful. Shy. Hyperactive. Shut down. These are just some of the behaviors our team works to resolve to prepare our residents for their second chance.

Behavior and Enrichment

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