None of us wants to believe that animal cruelty could be happening right next door. But, sadly, it does.

For months, our Humane Police Officers worked diligently to change the lives of 38 collie mixes who were living among rusted out cars with no shelter and only occasional care. With the local police and a network of savvy staff and volunteers, we were finally able to rescue all of these fearful creatures and offer them the life they deserved.

But as the lengthy court proceedings dragged on, the law enforcement team was led back to that same residence. What they uncovered was the largest cache – and ultimate seizure – of guns in Allegheny County history. A total of 586 guns to be exact.

It was a lifesaving case all around. Not only did 38 dogs receive a second chance, but more than 500 guns were taken off the streets so they could never cause harm again.

Our Humane Police Officers work hard to keep our community safe. Please show them how much you value their brave work.

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