Imagine what it must be like to be a stray cat living on the streets. Especially one who is living in a busy city neighborhood like Lawrenceville. Constant construction. Heavy machinery and trucks. Non-stop traffic. Noise and danger are at every turn as you fend for food and a warm place to sleep.

Now imagine that you are blind.

This was Helena’s existence. She lived in an abandoned warehouse with a colony that had grown to more than 30 stray cats. None of these cats had been spayed or neutered. And now, the warehouse was being demolished.

Thankfully the demolition crew kindly allowed our team access to trap and remove all of the cats so they could be altered, vaccinated, socialized and placed into homes. When we found Helena we immediately noticed she was blind in both eyes due to serious infections. Knowing how painful they must be, we removed her eyes, tended to her other medical needs and placed her in a foster home for recovery. Today Helena is eagerly awaiting a very special person to take her home.

Animal Friends spays and neuters more than 10,000 dogs, cats and rabbits each and every year. We are here to help everyone – from pet owners who are struggling financially to our caregivers committed to a humane solution for neighborhood stray and feral cats.

Yes, it’s expensive. But it’s our commitment to put an end to pet overpopulation and unwarranted euthanasia once and for all.



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