On the first day of Christmas Animal Friends gave to Sugar a spay surgery!

Sugar was rescued her from the house next to her current home. Her family noticed their neighbors had moved away but they didn’t take Sugar along. Upon investigating, they found that Sugar was indeed abandoned. She was found tied to a bedpost in the empty house. So they brought her home and intended to find a family for her. But, Sugar quickly worked her way into their hearts and has been with them ever since.

So her family brought her to Animal Friends to be spayed through our Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Program. As a result, Sugar got us to our goal to spay/neuter at least 10,000 animals in 2014!

Not only did Sugar’s family spay her to give her a longer, healthier life but they also compassionately and proactively ensured Sugar would never contribute a litter or pups to the cold statistics of pet overpopulation. You can provide affordable, high-quality surgeries to those who need them most.

Click here to donate now to help more pets like Sugar. 

And, thanks to a very generous donor, there is no better time to give! Now through Dec. 31, every donation given to our Year-End Campaign will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $100,000.

Right now you can ensure that more pets have access to a critical – and affordable – spay/neuter surgery.

Right now you can click here to make your support go twice as far – helping twice as many animals.

Right now we need you.

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