A Perfect Pairing

By Kidareo Bayer-Carlos, Adoption Coordinator

Cappuccino came to Animal Friends at the end of August as a shy, curious, but very friendly rabbit. As one of our more introverted residents, Cappuccino gained the love of our staff and volunteers through his bright personality and friendly demeanor. We hoped that the right family would come and discover his wonderful personality. It was to our pleasant surprise when a couple who had adopted a rabbit from Animal Friends in the past came back just at the right time to meet Cappuccino at one of our weekly BunRuns, where all of our resident rabbits can socialize in a group setting to promote exercise and healthy behavior. He stood out to them as the potential perfect companion for their current rabbit, Mimosa, as he was more laid back and calm compared to the other bunnies.

The couple’s rabbit was very independent and dominant, but had recently become lethargic and disinterested. This sparked the concern that she was becoming lonely and might benefit from bonding with another rabbit. The day after the BunRun, they came back so Cappuccino and Mimosa could meet, and it went better than they could have imagined! The rabbits were inseparable from the moment they met, and they knew that it would be a mistake not to bring him home!

After following up with the couple and their newly bonded bunnies, we received countless stories and photos of them cuddling and playing together on a regular basis. Cappuccino worked his way into both Mimosa’s and the couple’s hearts and they couldn’t imagine their life without him. It may have been a new world for him at first, but he warmed up quickly and soon took part in grooming, cuddling and playing with Mimosa. Whenever Cappuccino finds himself unsure, he follows in Mimosa’s footsteps to explore or try new things such as blueberries – a new favorite treat of his!

Whether he’s having the zoomies after a long cuddle session, exploring new territory or indulging on a box of blueberries, Cappuccino has left a lasting impression on his new family and all of us at Animal Friends. We are thrilled that he found such a loving home and hope that all of our long-eared residents find just as much happiness.

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