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Winter Advisory

Jan 16 2020

By Krista Sobecki, Humane Investigations Coordinator As cold winter weather comes to our region, our Humane Investigations team begins to receive a flurry of questions from pet owners about how to properly care for their animals in cold weather. Recent …

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Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Mamba

Jan 06 2020

Mamba is a 4 1/2-year-old gray, orange and white female cat. She loves attention and will cry out to you from room to room. Mamba is searching for a home without other animals – she is a one pet kind …

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Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Auggie

Dec 31 2019

Auggie is a 4 year old German Shepherd/Boxer/Lab mix. He is very sweet, loving, loyal, patient and energetic (although he does love to nap just as much as play). Some of his favorite things are swimming and anything else that …

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Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Melon

Dec 16 2019

Melon is a beautiful Calico kitty who was abandoned by her former owner. She loves people and makes a wonderful companion. She enjoys playing but is always happiest just being near her human friends. Melon is a very talkative girl …

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Mr. Whiskers – Home for the Holidays

Dec 10 2019

A pair of bright green eyes stares through the kennel bars. Mr. Whiskers is watching one of his closest friends pulling out feather toys and teaser wands. As soon as he hears her get to the treats, his meows become …

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Meet Waldo

Nov 21 2019

We first met Waldo on a cold February day. A Good Samaritan called us after noticing that Waldo seemed to be outside every time he passed by his house – even on the coldest winter days. Our Humane Society Police …

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Cage Breaks

Nov 19 2019

By Danny Rosenmund, Animal Handling Liaison For an animal, one of the most difficult things about living in a shelter environment is spending all of their time in one place until they are adopted. For the dogs, cats and rabbits …

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Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Two Kittens!

Nov 04 2019

These two lovable kittens were born to a feral mother in late May. In September, the brother/sister duo was trapped and taken to a clinic by a Good Samaritan so they could be spayed and neutered and receive their vaccines. …

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Autumn Enrichment Treats

Oct 04 2019

By Suzanne Denk, Animal Enrichment Specialist The arrival of fall brings cooler weather, comfort foods and (of course!) the desire to cuddle with our pets. Comfort foods aren’t just for people, though. Our pets can enjoy the tastes of fall …

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A Perfect Match: Bubba, Joe and Kathy

Sep 25 2019

By Eric Stieglitz, Pets for Vets Coordinator As the Pittsburgh Chapter of Pets for Vets®, we are honored to work with veterans and active members of our military who have many different stories and backgrounds. We take great pride in …

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