Adopt a Senior Pet Month: Izzy and Jellybean!

Guest Blogger: Beth Mauder, Adoption Counselor

I’ve always been a fan of the underdog and senior cats certainly fall into this category. 

There is something about a round chubby black cat that just makes me smile. If you are looking for someone to keep you company as the snow falls in front of your window, come in and meet the mellow lap cats Izzy and Jellybean.

Izzy is nine years old and has the best purr in the world. She sounds like a pigeon cooing in the park. 

Until recently Jellybean was residing in a cage where she acquired many fans among the dog walkers who she greeted cheerfully every day.  She recently moved into a staff member’s office where she is receiving visitors and enjoying lounging on a desk. 

Both ladies would love to be only pets and the center of someone’s world. If you have never adopted a senior pet, stop in and meet some of ours! They still have lots of love to give and we are sure you will fall in love after just a few minutes with these wonderful cats.

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