Adopt a Senior Pet Month: Snowball

With her unique appearance and gentle spirit, Snowball is a favorite among staff and volunteers here at Animal Friends. Snowball relishes in the attention from her adoring fans, hoping one of them will give her a home.

The future was uncertain for Snowball when she came to Animal Friends almost a year ago. When the children in her family developed allergies, Snowball and her sisters, Brownie and Shadow, came to Animal Friends for a second chance at a forever home. The three Lionhead rabbits quickly charmed their way into the hearts of many. Little did Snowball know, she would pioneer new programs at the shelter!

It was Snowball’s relaxed, quiet and mild-mannered nature that made her a perfect candidate to be Animal Friends’ very first Therapets rabbit.

Animal Friends’ Therapets program sends experienced volunteer teams to hospitals, nursing homes, residential treatment facilities, schools and libraries throughout Allegheny and Beaver Counties. On a recent Therapets trip to South Park Library, Snowball was calm and polite while children took turns petting her. She thrilled library patrons with her temperament and adorable looks.

Come speak with our Adoptions Team today and see how adopting a senior bunny can bring so much joy to your life.

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