Adventures of a Foster Fur Mom: Part 3

Guest Blogger: Susan Gottfried
The e-mail went out a few weeks ago from Chris Whyle, the foster coordinator here at Animal Friends. A bunch of kitties could use a cage break.

I eyed Zenji. He’d been here over two months and had settled in so much, it was obvious he’d decided this was his forever home. Maybe he settled in a bit too much… after this escapade, I made sure to not leave my water glass on the kitchen table anymore. 

Chris and I pow-wowed and decided that it was time for another kitty to star on the blog (and, possibly out my questionable placement of my water glass). So while it killed me to put Zenji into his very own condo and see how terribly scared he was, it was also exciting to think my kids and I were going to have a new kitty adventure.
Enter Geronimo. He’d been stuck in the back rooms, where the public doesn’t get to visit and where most volunteers aren’t allowed, either. The poor guy has bladder stones, so medical has been keeping an extra close eye on him, but he’d been back there for months and could use some space to roam – and a lot of attention and love. With a couple of medicines and a special diet, Geronimo came home to take up residence in my foster room. 

We’ve had cats and kittens of all sorts here, but we have never had a cat who purrs the way Geronimo does. There was no shyness about this guy; as soon as we got him home and let him out of his carry box, he was over at the windows, looking at the view. He adores my kids and demands we pet him. He also gives the best head butts. It didn’t take long before he was showing us his belly, a very clear sign of trust and comfort with the humans around him. 
Stay tuned. I’ve got to introduce Milo and Lucy to him, and then let him roam my house yet. We’ll see how all that goes; Lucy is always a bit stand-offish when someone comes to visit, and Milo is always excited to have a new playmate. And Geronimo? I think he’s excited to have some fur buddies again. 
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