Gigi – A masterful mix of a breed

Most of the dogs that come through our doors here at Animal Friends are of a mixed breed.  We have Husky mixes and Pit mixes. Boxer, Beagle and Hound mixes. We take a close guess at what heritage our dogs have but sometimes, we know for sure.

Gigi, a supposed Pit Bull mix, came to Animal Friends from Four Footed Friends in Indiana, PA.  We recently got a great message from Kim, a staff member there.

My name is Kim and I am a staff member at Four Footed Friend in Indiana, PA.
I wanted to let you know about “Gigi”. When she was at our shelter, we conducted a DNA test on her and I wanted to share the results with you. Not only for your use, but also for her future adopters. She came back as (one parent) full blooded American Bulldog and (second parent) Vizsla/Sheltie mix. I know! I know! Crazy, right?! Haha we are all so curious as to what breeds made up such a gorgeous girl.
Thanks again for everything! 

Gigi wants to remind you that now through December 31st, all pets are priceless at Animal Friends! We’re waiving our $75 adoption donation for all pets age 2+.  Click here for more information about Gigi or click here to start your adoption application!
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