Adventures of a Foster Furmom: Constance and Claire

Guest Blogger: Susan Helene Gottfried

The past few months have been a whirlwind over at Casa Foster Furmom’s. After we lost Pete, we raised Clarabelle and Pluto to adoption age. They found homes after a great kitten shower, and my kids and I cheered. By then, our foster room was full of three brothers who were the goofiest little guys we’ve hosted in a long time.

    After them, we had two of the world’s sweetest little girls, Constance and Claire. Even my sister, the vet, met them on one of her rare trips to this side of the country. She, who works with animals, saw how super they were. 

This is Claire.

    There have been two sets of fosters since then – a single girl named Tefta who was non-stop action, and now three siblings who I’ll tell you about another day. It’s Claire and Constance I need to bring to your attention.

This is Constance.

    You see, when I was at the shelter yesterday with my latest set of foster babies, Claire and Constance were still there, in one of the playpens that sit outside the cat condos. I sat down on the floor with them, my laser pointer, and a shoelace, and we played. They came over to me for pets and love; I think they remember me. 

    It broke my heart to see these two sweeties still there. I know people have come in to visit them and consider taking them home, but so far, no one has done more than meet them. People, you’re missing out!

    Worst of all, they are spending their kittenhoods, that rare time of rambunctious play and contagious goodwill and constant optimism, in a cage. They can’t run and tussle, and – more to the point for these two – they can’t snuggle up with a human who loves them. 

    Claire and Constance would do just that while they were our foster friends. We’d bring a book or an iPod and the girls would take over our laps, purring. Over the summer, as the kittens have come and gone, we’ve had a good number who like to purr, but none of them have been like these two. They aren’t just telling you they are happy with their purrs. There’s a trust happening here, a sweetness to them that is truly rare. 

    So what’s the problem, you’re asking yourself. Well, Claire and Constance are those least-wanted of cats: their coats are almost all black. Constance has some salt-and-pepper action going, and Claire has a little spot of white on her chest. That’s enough white for me to say there’s no way these girls can bring anyone bad luck. In fact, I’d say it’s the opposite – there will be good luck for them when they find their forever home, and good luck for the adoptive family who is smart enough to bring these two into their lives. 

    Since I got my first pair of rescue cats, I’ve been an advocate for the companionship two cats offer each other – as well as the way they are able to diffuse the jealousy when a cat chooses one lap over another. Because they are quieter and a bit less naturally rambunctious, Claire and Constance would make a great pair for a family who’s not so sure about bringing two cats home at once.

    Hopefully, when I bring my current trio in for their next appointment, that playpen will have new inhabitants, and the adoption staff will tell me the tale of the great family who took Claire and Constance into their homes. And my heart can stop breaking for two of my favorites from my whirlwind summer.
Claire and Constance are still looking for their forever homes! Check out Claire here and read more about Constance’s nap and lap preferences here.  Then, come visit them at Animal Friends!

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