Animal Friends Celebrates 2013 with “Happy Neuter Year” Special

Make a resolution to keep your cat healthy this year with Animal Friends’ Happy Neuter Year special.  For only $25, you will receive a wellness package that includes rabies and distemper vaccinations, Frontline flea application and nail trim.  Purchase one wellness package and you can get your cat spayed or neutered for FREE!

An unaltered cat can produce 3-4 litters a year with 2-10 kittens in each litter. Sadly, there are not enough homes for this many kittens.  In Allegheny County alone, conservative estimates show that 20,000 homeless animals are euthanized every year. By having your cat spayed or neutered, you not only take a step towards solving pet overpopulation but you also reduce your cat’s risk of cancer and infection, make your cat less likely to run away and ensure a calmer, happier companion.

This special kicks off January 3rd and limited spots are available. Please call 412.847.7004 to apply for your Wellness Package today!   This special is made possible through the support and generosity of the ASPCA. 

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