Animal Friends presents: Mick!

Meet Mick…He’s affectionate, calm, loves attention and…he’s overweight.

This handsome 10-year-old cat was surrendered to another shelter in November. He was scanned for a microchip, and the shelter workers realized that Mick had been adopted from Animal Friends. We always welcome our alums back with open arms, so they gave us a call and we quickly responded.

We were happy to see Mick but realized right away he needed help. At almost 23 pounds, he was dangerously overweight. He is also borderline diabetic and has trouble reaching his chubbier areas to groom.

 Mick is now a member of our foster program. His foster mom has placed Mick on a healthy diet. She works in the administrative offices here at Animal Friends, so Mick spends his days in the office too, usually trying to go to meetings.

(He’s been late a few times. Too many cat naps!)

He likes spending time with people and he believes in Animal Friends’ mission, so we imagine he wants to share his input! 

Slowly but surely, Mick is losing the extra weight. His foster mom continues to work with him on diet and careful exercise. Since his arrival, he is once again interested in playing with toys. He will stay in our care until he is healthy enough to be adopted. 

We would like to thank Mick’s foster parent for taking such good care of Mick and the other 124 foster parents who care for Animal Friends animals each day. We’d also like to thank our donors for making this important work possible.

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