Animal Friends Rescues and Provides Safe Haven to 62 Rescued Birds


Walk into Animal Friends today and the first thing you’ll hear won’t be the normal meows and happy howls. You’ll discover a cacophony of cock-a-doodle-doos! (Click here to watch the news coverage, and you’ll hear what we mean!)

Our shelter typically holds 250 dogs, cats and rabbits. But right now, Animal Friends’ Humane Officers are assisting in a federal investigation with the US Department of Agriculture.

As a result, our officers seized 52 chickens, 7 pigeons, 2 ducks and 1 peacock from neglect and unsanitary conditions in a suspected illegal slaughter operation. The animals found safe haven at Animal Friends on Monday night. 

Animal Friends has quickly mobilized to welcome these 62 new residents on top of the 250 currently in our care. It’s all hands on deck as staff learn the basics of bird handling and care! 

The birds arrived dehydrated, covered with lice and in poor health. Sadly, one was dead on arrival and two more had to be humanely euthanized. 

Animal Friends’ staff has been working hard to provide round-the-clock care to our rescued charges, who are currently living in oversized crates and clean hay. We believe that the birds, who have been happily digging and settling down to their quarters, are more comfortable now than they have ever been in their lives.

All of the rescued birds are being transferred to farm sanctuaries, including Hope Haven and Fluffyjean Fund, to live out their natural lives. 

A donation would go a long way to support us and our animals during this incredible and busy time. Click here to donate to Animal Friends right now!

Click here to see more photos on Animal Friends’ Facebook!

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