Animal Friends’ Straw Drop Program Comes to an End

This winter has certainly provided many challenges to safely caring for animals living outside.  During these difficult times, Animal Friends’ Straw Drop provided over 500 bags of free bedding straw to animals in need, breaking all previous records for the program!  

With this year’s supply of Straw Drop straw depleted, those who need more straw can contact area feed and tractor supply type stores for availability and pricing information. An example is Best Feeds Garden Center on Babcock Blvd.  Their number is 412.822.7777.  Caregivers are reminded to remain vigilant during extreme weather conditions to ensure that their animals are safe and their living conditions are legal.  

Although current PA law does not list specific temperatures at which an animal must be brought inside, if weather conditions are such that the legal requirements of animal care cannot be maintained outside, then animals can be ordered inside or seized by an officer and charges for animal cruelty could be filed.

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