Animal Friends’ Annual Straw Drop: Free Straw for Outdoor Pets and Feral Cats

Dec 08 2016

To prepare for falling temperatures, we’re hosting our annual Straw Drop. Free bags of straw are offered to anyone who owns or cares for outdoor animals – including feral and community cats.While Animal Friends encourages pet owners to make pets …

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Animal Friends’ Straw Drop Program Comes to an End

Feb 07 2014

This winter has certainly provided many challenges to safely caring for animals living outside.  During these difficult times, Animal Friends’ Straw Drop provided over 500 bags of free bedding straw to animals in need, breaking all previous records for the …

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How to Build a Feral Cat House

Jan 02 2014

Materials needed are: a large Styrofoam cooler or sheets of one-inch thick hard Styrofoam, a large box or Rubbermaid storage bin, a box cutter or utility knife, black plastic sheeting, Gorilla tape and straw. Then assemble as follows: Place the …

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Animal Friends Offers Free Straw for Cold Outdoor Pets

Oct 18 2013

 NOTE: We’ve received another shipment of straw!  This shipment was delivered on December 5th and is ready to be picked-up.  We will post another update if this delivery runs out. If you need straw for your animals in a greater …

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Resolve to Get More Exercise in the New Year…for Both You and Your Dog!

Jan 02 2013

By the Staff at Petagogy Is one of your new year’s resolutions to exercise more? One of the easiest ways to clock some more cardio time is to increase walks with your pooch. Not only will your body benefit, but …

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Animal Friends Offers Free Straw for Cold Outdoor Pets

Oct 06 2011

In preparation for plummeting temperatures, Animal Friends is once again offering free bags of straw to anyone who cares for outdoor pets or feral cats. Animal Friends urges pet owners to make their pets part of the family and keep …

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