Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Antonia and Ezra

Antonia and Ezra are a bonded pair looking for a kitten-patient, loving and kind forever home with great people!  Home must be kitten proof.

Antonia is sweet but shows her spicy side around scary people or bossy cats.  She loves gentle petting and sleeping next to her favorite people.  Antonia loves playing with Ezra and any toys.  She’s confident and curious with lots of energy.  She’s a great climber and adores cat trees.  She currently lives with her brother and ten older cats, that swiftly teach her limits and cat etiquette.

Ezra is super affectionate, very high energy and mischievous.  He loves playing with Antonia and any toys!  He’s super inquisitive.  He can be a stepping / tripping hazard when he’s excited to see you; he’s lightning quick and will run between and in front of your feet when walking.  He also loves nuzzling, sleeping around and on his favorite people.  He currently lives with ten older cats and his sister.

Born around 9/7/2023, to an abandoned mother at the Emerald gardens townhomes, in Crafton, west of Pittsburgh.  Antonia and Ezra were saved from the many outside dangers at 8-weeks old by a loving, humane, and caring lady in late October, but her house is full of fur babies, and she can’t take on more.

If interested, please contact the owner to request an adoption application which is separate from the Animal Friends application.

Owner contact: Tom McHugh at 412-480-1927 or t15106@hotmail.com

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