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Enrichment for All Species (Black Tie & Tails Enrichment Items)

Sep 18 2015

Providing enrichment to your pet gives the pet an opportunity think and use his senses.  A new or unusual toy each day stimulates the pet’s mind.  Rabbits:          Hay carrot: Gather a bundle of hay into a log about 6” …

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Help Them Heal: Billy

Sep 04 2015

“Just hold on, little guy. You can do it.” An Animal Friends vet tech is holding a small bundle of fur in her hand – no more than a few days old – named Billy. Frequently called “bottle babies,” this …

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Help Them Heal Challenge: Patches

Sep 04 2015

“Here you go Patches. There’s yummy treats in there.” An Animal Friends’ volunteer sat with the 6-year-old Calico, feeding her from a cup. Each time she took food, the volunteer would click, thus beginning Patches’ clicker training. Each click catches …

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Who’s Who at this year’s annual Black Tie & Tails gala!

Nov 02 2012

By Jeff Geissler, Communications Assistant Some of our wonderful adoptable residents will be attending this weekend’s Black Tie & Tails gala! Homer, a happy yellow Labrador Retriever, will be sipping a Duff Beer and discussing philosophy. Gardenia, a gentle black …

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