Enrichment for All Species (Black Tie & Tails Enrichment Items)

Providing enrichment to your pet gives the pet an opportunity think and use his senses.  A new or unusual toy each day stimulates the pet’s mind. 

Hay carrot: Gather a bundle of hay into a log about 6” long.  About 1/3 of the way down the hay log, begin to wrap the raffia.  Leave a loose tail of raffia which will be used to tie off the raffia when finished.  Continue to wrap the hay with the raffia, tying additional lengths of raffia as needed.  Gradually pull the raffia tighter and to create a carrot shape.  Cut excess hay to shape of carrot if too bulky at bottom. Continuing to wrap the hay, work the way back to the top and tie ends of raffia together to secure. Trim “leafy” carrot top.
Bunny Sushi Roll: The rolled toy moves, is textured, and provides a challenge to reach the treat.  Cut a 2” by 6” piece of corrugated paper.  Tightly roll up the herbs or hay in the paper and secure with the raffia
Origami Lucky Stars: Check YouTube for easy Origami instructions on how create stars, ball or other paper toys. (See here for a tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4Woj9oP3AI)
Pipe cleaner pretzels: Twist a pipe cleaner into a pretzel shape.  Add a slight curve to the pretzel so it wobbles when pawed. Cats also enjoy a corkscrew shape! 
Treats in a Box: Present treats to your dog in a box and let them tear it open to discover the treat.  Any size box (cereal box or tissue box), wrapped or unwrapped, with a treat inside will provide them with a challenge.  
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