by kaitlin hilinski

Service, Comfort or Therapy: What’s The Difference?

Aug 14 2014

By: Kaitlin Hilinski, Therapeutic Services Program Assistant You’ve probably seen a dog at work out in the world – the grocery store, library, or maybe in an office building or school.  These dogs provide vital assistance to the humans around …

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Diary of an Adoptions Counselor

Feb 06 2013

Capone and Gotti By Kaitlin Hilinski, Community Adoptions Counselor No two days are quite alike when you work with people and pets. Here are some gems from my career at Animal Friends: I came in to work the day after …

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What’s a Community Adoption Counselor?

Feb 01 2013

By Kaitlin Hiliniski, Community Adoptions Counselor My job isn’t like other jobs.  Sure, some people work with the public; they have to smile, shake hands, and be “on” for hours at a time. Some people work with animals; they have …

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