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Animal Friends’ Adoption Counselors present: Chloe!

May 17 2013

Guest Blogger: Cortney Ressler My name is Cortney, and I’m an Adoption Counselor for Animal Friends. When you visit Animal Friends in search of your new best feline friend, there’s one girl that you may overlook.  Not because she’s an …

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It’s All in How You Look At It: Adoption Stories

May 01 2013

Guest Blogger: Beth Mauder, Adoption Counselor Monday was dreary and rainy. As a matter of fact, the day before that was also dreary and rainy. The clouds were low and full of rain and they completely overshadowed the flowers that …

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Adoption Counselors at Animal Friends

Mar 06 2013

When It’s Time to See a Professional Adding a new member to your family can pose a real dilemma and many questions. What kind of pet will fit into our family?  How can we make sure the new pet will …

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Diary of an Adoptions Counselor

Feb 06 2013

Capone and Gotti By Kaitlin Hilinski, Community Adoptions Counselor No two days are quite alike when you work with people and pets. Here are some gems from my career at Animal Friends: I came in to work the day after …

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Big Surprises Sometimes Come in Big Packages Too

May 09 2012

By: Stephanie Buckley, Adoption Counselor As a part of the adoption team at Animal Friends, I get to spend time with many different animals that have many different personalities. Two potential adopters stopped by the adoption desk today and asked …

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