Crate Training

Imagine going to stay with a new family. You’re in a strange place, and nobody speaks your language. Think about what would go through your mind: Where’s the bathroom? Where do I sleep? Will I have my own room?

Every dog faces these questions when he moves into a new home. Crate training can help show them the answers. Den animals by nature, dogs appreciate having a small covered space that makes them feel secure to sleep in. They don’t like their bed and bathroom to be the same place, and will make an effort to keep their sleeping area dry.  If things are hectic, or if they want to eat a treat in a safe place, they will seek out their “den.”

Understanding your dog’s instincts will help make the transition into a new home easier for both of you.  Animal Friends’ on-site supply shop and boutique store carries Midwest brand crates from 24″ to 48,” and our staff is happy to offer advice on choosing the right crate and using positive reinforcement techniques for introducing them to dogs of all ages.

Animal Friends is proud to sell crates at minimum prices (from $45.99 to $86.99) because we know that crates can help a new pet adjust to his home, and increase his chances of staying in that home.

If you have questions about crate training and how it can benefit your dog, call 412.847.7022, or come visit us! Best of all, all purchases at Animal Friends’ shop benefit our homeless residents.


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