Rabbit Enrichment with Behavior Training

Feb 11 2015

Guest Blogger: Laureen DzadovskyOriginally published in a Chicago House Rabbit Society newsletter Rabbits are quite fascinating. As we learn more about them, we find ways to enrich their lives as well as enriching our own. Bunnies respond very well to …

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Mondays with Myrtle – The second in an occasional series

Dec 01 2014

Guest Blogger: Margie Higginbotham, a Team Myrtle member I have a soft spot for cats that are down on their luck. The elderly, the infirm and the lonely all tug at my heart. When Myrtle came to Animal Friends, she …

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Mondays with Myrtle – The first in an occasional series

Nov 17 2014

Today, we introduce you to Myrtle. We wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes look of an animals journey, start to finish. Myrtle began her journey with Animal Friends on Oct. 11, 2014. She was transferred from another animal welfare agency. …

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Cats and Babies

Jul 08 2013

Guest Blogger: Chanellie (with help from Human Mom Chris Whyle, Behavior Wellness Coordinator)Here I am again, your Special Cat Friend Chanellie, to present you with some Crunchy Treats of Wisdom (Pearls just don’t do anything for me) about Cats and …

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Animal Friends presents: Transitioning an Outdoor Cat to Indoor Life

May 29 2013

Mother Nature created the great outdoors specifically to satisfy a cat’s natural instincts…at least that’s what the cats would like us to believe!  Trees to climb, prey to chase and capture, patches of warm sun in which to lie, the …

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A Second Chance: Hickory’s Story

Apr 23 2013

Guest Blogger: Animal Friends’ Volunteer and Blog Contest Winner Diane Whittaker It was Spring 2010. He caught my eye because he was young and energetic. His name was Hickory. He was about 9 months old and described as a hound/Jack …

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Scratching Post Woes (Or How Your Cat Learned to Love Their Scratching Posts)

Mar 18 2013

Most cats have preferences for scratching post textures.  These can include sisal, wood, corrugated cardboard, and carpeting, among others.  Essential attributes of any cat-preferred scratching post are:  Tall enough for the cat to reach/stretch to his full body length and …

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Why Cats Have Claws and How to Live with Them

Mar 13 2013

Why Cats Have Claws… Claws help provide balance and agility when a cat jumps and walks. Claws help cats grip and enjoy stretches that tone their backs and shoulders. Without claws, a cat can feel defenseless and can be more …

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How to Introduce a New Dog to Your Cranky Cat

Mar 13 2013

By Jolene Miklas, Director of Communications I never thought my cat would let me have a dog. My cat, Firefly, is 14 years old, suffers from irritable bowel, and hates everyonebut me. Firefly: trying to flip you the bird. And …

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Grouchy Canines: Dogs Who Growl or Snap

Mar 11 2013

By: Lilian Akin, CPDT If your dog recently growled or snapped, you may be wondering why. After all, you may have done your research and made sure you adopted the best dog for your family. Does this sudden behavior change …

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