Dog Socials

Beginning in July, no advance registration will be required to attend Wednesday or Sunday Small Dog and Sunday Teacup socials; just come on over! 

Please click below photos for schedule.

Note:  Monday Small Dog Socials remain suspended until further notice, please check back for updates!

Vaccination Requirements

  • Puppies 16 weeks or younger | Minimum two rounds of DHPP* and age-appropriate vaccinations including rabies – PA state law states that puppies must be vaccinated for rabies between 12-16 weeks.
    Puppies younger than 12 weeks may not have their rabies vaccination yet, and that’s okay!
  • 5-9 months | three rounds (boosters) of DHPP* and rabies.
  • Older than 9 months | up-to-date on DHPP* and rabies.

Bordetella is strongly recommended for your pup’s best protection, but not required.

*distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza and parvovirus vaccination

Join other small dogs and their people for an hour of social time. Dog play increases social skills and provides lots of exercise and fun for the small dog crowd!

For dogs 4 months or older that are both people- and dog-friendly.