Grizzly: Home-to-Home Adoption Program

Grizzly is a 2-year-old Black Lab/German Shepherd mix who will steal your heart! He’s still a puppy in many ways – extremely playful, curious and energetic. Despite his mixed breed, Grizzly’s temperament leans toward his Shepherd side. He loves nothing more than being given a job to do. Grizzly is certainly not the type of dog who is content sitting around the house all day – he will need plenty of mental and physical stimulation each day to keep his mind and body active.

Grizzly’s family has worked very hard with him on basic obedience and he now knows sit, down, stay (for short periods of time) and he is making wonderful progress on walking by your side during walks. He is crate trained and is comfortable spending a few hours alone while his family is out and about – as long as he has had the opportunity to get outside to use the restroom and get some exercise, first! Grizzly is great with adults and children alike, although he can be a bit clumsy and unintentionally rough with smaller children. And, he has a history of fear-based aggression when interacting with other dogs. While he has been working to overcome his fear of other pups, he does not do well at dog parks and will need to continue this work before he can live in a multi-dog home. Grizzly is up to date on all of his vaccines and has no known health issues. He is also neutered and microchipped.

This sweet dog’s family is committed to finding the right home for him. Because he will need a very special family who will be committed to helping him continue the hard work he has been putting into training, they want to get to know his prospective adopters to ensure it is a good fit. If you’re interested in meeting Grizzly, contact Ronald at 714.497.7428 or

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