Happy Tails: Salvador

Guest Blogger: Shawn Schrag, adopter

I adopted Salvador from Animal Friends I in November 2010. I wanted a friend for our 3-year-old rescued black Lab and now the two are inseparable! 

I volunteered with both of them in a nursing home and they were awesome. Everybody wanted to meet Salvador because of the various pit bull shows on TV.  Salvador has an extremely high amount of energy and needs to run often. I run and walk both of them daily and keep them occupied with various enrichment activities. He especially loves to play ball, tug o war, and anything that involves running. At the beginning of this winter I picked up a few frisbees and he fell in love. What makes him so good is his high energy level and the true pitbull eagerness to please his owner.

We are now in the beginning stages of becoming a Frisbee team and both learning along the way. Don’t tell him that I am the one holding this team back though!
On April 20, 2013, we will be our first competition together and we are registered in the beginner category for the 7th inning fetch in Poolesville MD. We are doing freestyle, spot landing, bullseye and time trial. Win or lose, we both have fun together!

I owe many thanks to Animal Friends for all the hard work that they put into Salvador. He is the sweetest dog you will ever meet, an awesome addition to the family and a true ambassador to his breed.

We love when we find committed owners for dogs like Salvador!  Check out our adoptable dogs here and meet more wonderful pets!

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