Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Klaus

Klaus is an 8 year old Siamese/Himalayan mix with blue eyes. His ear tip means he spent the first part of his life as an outside cat. He is litter box trained, has good manners and no obvious bad habits for spending most of his life outside. Klaus loves napping, being a lap cat and using his cardboard scratch pad. He is not an overly active cat but will play if prompted. He came to his foster home with a severe skin condition that has cleared up with the proper flea treatment and good quality food. His coat is now beautiful and healthy. Klaus tolerates other cats as long as they leave him his own space. It’s unknown how he is with dogs or children, but he is not fond of being picked up. Overall, he is a beautiful boy with a loving personality who’s ready to find his forever home where he can nap his senior years away.

If interested, contact Margaret McKean at 724.777.6930 or mckeanmb@gmail.com.

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