Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Louie

Louie is 28lbs and 5 years old. He is a ” Mini Husky” – part Alaskan Klee Kai and part American Eskimo. If you love huskies, he is perfect for you. He is extremely intelligent and knows basic commands. He is great with other dogs, he has lived with another dog, enjoyed dog parks and stayed at doggy day cares without incident. He is very energetic and devoted, loves tennis balls, going for walks, and being brushed. He loves all people including small children. It’s worth noting he needs to be in a feline free zone. His opportunities for improvement include being an escape artist, he needs a leash or fence as he will run. And although he is always friendly, he is very excited and jumpy upon greeting . Overall, he is an absolutely delightful dog, overflowing with sweetness, love, and affection.

If interested, contact Whitney at DogBiscuitSandwich@gmail.com

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