Home-to-Home Adoption Program: Winston

Winston is a wonderful cat and would be best suited in a home with no other pets because he wants all of the love for himself. He loves people and is okay with other cats as long as they are not in his personal space! If you want a cat but worry about tripping over them, Winston is perfect. He is not necessarily a lap cat but will hop up on the couch briefly to get a few pets. He knows his name and will come to you when called. He loves full body pets, chin scratching and belly rubs. Winston is FIV positive which means his immune systems is weakened but he is able to live a full and healthy life just like any other cat. He is a gray and white tabby with the most beautiful face and is very stoic overall.

If interested, please contact the owner to request an adoption application which is separate from the Animal Friends application.

Owner contact: Brenda Rupert at 724.809.8578 or 1brendarupert@gmail.com

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