Just as Sweet as Her Name Suggests – Kit Kat!

Through no fault of her own, 11-year-old Kit Kat was returned to Animal Friends in August 2013.  She had been living happily in a busy home for ten years before a severe allergy, developed by a young member of her human family, necessitated Kit Kat’s relocation.
Although Kit Kat arrived without any glaring behavioral issues, ten years in a noisy household may have taken a toll on this green eyed beauty.  She prefers adults to children, and quiet to chaos.   As long as it is Kit Kat’s idea, she loves to snuggle into a lap for long restful naps.  
Kit Kat has been back at Animal Friends for almost two years now, and it is an anniversary she would like to miss.  She is full of personality and longing for a calm quiet place to become her new forever home.
Someone believes in Kit Kat so much, her adoption has been sponsored! Come visit her today!
Ready to add some fur to your family tree? Check out our adoption guidelines here and then make a trip down to visit Kit Kat. She’s waiting to meet you!
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