Ravioli Catnip Toy: A quick-to-stitch whimsical cat toy

Guest Blogger: Suzanne Denk, Animal Enrichment Specialist

For those that enjoy making crafts, a few quick stitches and some scrap fabric can make a popular toy for a shelter cat.  Shelter toys are quickly soiled and can have short life spans so handmade toys should not be labor intensive. 
Cut out two ravioli-size squares from your fabric of choice with pinking shears for that authentic Italian look!  Stitch ¼” ” seam allowance and leave an end open for stuffing.  6-8 tight stitches on each side are all that is needed. Pinking the edges and stitching without turning it inside out make sewing the toy quick.
Fill end with fiberfill and a pinch of catnip.  Stitch closed and give it to your favorite cat! 
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