Resolve to Get More Exercise in the New Year…for Both You and Your Dog!

By the Staff at Petagogy

Is one of your new year’s resolutions to exercise more? One of the easiest ways to clock some more cardio time is to increase walks with your pooch. Not only will your body benefit, but your dog will be happier and healthier as well. Walking gives our dogs more than exercise; it also provides an energy outlet, mental stimulation, and much needed social interaction. You will need to make sure your gear is right for the weather. Read our list below to make sure your pup has the right gear so they can enjoy extra walks even more!

Poo Bags
One of the first requirements for walking your dog is to be a responsible pet owner. Pick up after your pet! Petagogy has a variety of poo bags and poo bag holders from OllyDog, Earth Rated and Doggie Walk to make this responsibility easier. Some are quit stylish, so don’t be afraid to keep the sidewalks and grassy areas in your neighborhood clean.

No dog owner should be without the Poo-Wrangler (a Petagogy original)! When you have a full poo bag, let the Poo-Wrangler hold it for you! Use it to clip the full bag onto your leash so you can finish your walk poo-bag free!

Premier Easy Walk Harness or Gentle Leader
Do you dread walking your dog? Do they pull at the sight of every dog, squirrel or human? Try an Easy Walk Harness. It’s different from most harnesses in that the leash connects in the front rather than the back like other harnesses, which controls the body’s direction. Harnesses that clip in the back allow your dog to get more power through the chest and all four legs, much like the ones horses use to pull so much weight. Clasping the leash in front removes this power from your dog and gently corrects their pulling behavior.

Gentle Leaders are head collars that also work very well. They attach over the nose and around the neck. Gentle Leaders work like a bridle for a horse; they can control where your pooch’s head points, and which direction they go.

Musher’s Secret
Protect your dog’s paws from salt and snow balls in the winter by coating their paws with Musher’s Secret, a natural barrier wax. Simply apply Musher’s Secret on and in-between their toes every two or three days to protect those sensitive paws. Musher’s Secret is also good for relief from sores, cracked toes, scratches and burns. 

Reflective Leashes and Harnesses
Unfortunately, it’s that time of year when the south steals our sun, and many of our dog walks occur in the dark. Protect yourself and your pooch with one of our reflective, colorful leashes from OllyDog or Nite Ize. Nite Ize also makes LED collar covers and lights that hang from collars so that you and your dog are more visible to the cars on the road. We also offer reflective Easy Walk Harnesses, which are just like the ones mentioned above except they have integrated reflective threads throughout the harness and leash.

Take the (Dog) Training Outside

Walks are a great time to practice basic obedience skills. All those distractions while walking can be great opportunities to take a few seconds to practice good behavior. Try to stop every couple of blocks and practice “sit and stay.” Be sure to have training treats, like Zuke’s Mini Naturals or Wet Noses Little Stars, to reward your pooch when they ignore all the distractions and respond to your commands. Petagogy also carries treat pouches from OllyDog, which allows you to easily carry treats and rewards for your dog on walks.  


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