Trainer Spotlight: Rebecca Hilbert, CPDT-KA, CCDT, MBA Animal Friends University Trainer

Which classes do you lead at Animal Friends?
For Animal Friends University I teach Kinderpuppy, Puppy Manners, Companion Dog Manners and a new human-only class on Leash Reactivity. Internally, I also teach Foster Dog Classes which are available to those fostering our dogs. These classes are aimed at helping the fosters work with the dogs in their care, as they await their new homes.

How long have you been with Animal Friends?
I have been volunteering at Animal Friends for 3 years as a dog walker and helping with Shelter Dog Play Group sessions. I also volunteered with the public facing classes before I began leading and assisting in them two years ago.

What is your favorite part of teaching at Animal Friends?
I got into dog training due to some severe behavior issues I was having with my dog. His issues became my mission and that mission led me to leave a 20-year career to begin anew. Throughout the process with my dog, at times I felt hopeless and helpless. While the pups in the group classes may not have the types of issues my dog had, there are still challenges that are very real for the human end of the leash and I can empathize with that. Being able to help them better understand their dog, helping them learn to “hear” what their dogs are saying and teaching them tools to help better their situation is priceless. When you see frustration fade into teamwork between human and canine, there is nothing more rewarding.

In your spare time, what activities do you enjoy doing with your own dog?
I have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Bunsen C Honeydew, and a Border Collie, Lexi Vaughn, at home. They are both so very different and unique individuals. With my Bunsen my favorite thing has been agility purely for fun. With my Lexi, I love working with her on cooperative care. But personally, I enjoy learning new things through them. They are my working partners and the ones I turn to when honing new skills. They are the best teachers I could ask for and I owe them a great deal because of it.

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