Trapping Cats for TNVR

Animal Friends is unable to provide physical assistance with trapping of cats.

At Animal Friends we understand the importance of TNVR and support community cat colony caregivers by providing reduced pricing for spay/neuter, rental for humane box traps, supplies for building winter shelters and free straw during the fall and winter.

Our program provides veterinary care for over 2,000 community cats every year. To encourage community cat colony caregivers to spay/neuter, we offer a special community cat spay/neuter Package for $50 (spay/neuter, rabies vaccine, FVRCP vaccine, flea treatment and ear tip).

Trap rental is provided to clients who have scheduled appointments at the Animal Wellness Center. Traps must only be used for the purpose of humanely trapping cats for spay/neuter. We do not permit traps to be used to move cats to a new location or to trap wildlife. When scheduling a community cat spay/neuter with Animal Friends, please let the Program Assistant know you will need a trap. Traps can be rented for a refundable deposit of $65. Call 412.847.7004 for more information or to set up your trap rental.

To read more about community cats, we recommend visiting or

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