Pumpkin Hay Bags for Bunnies: A Spooky Enrichment Treat!

Oct 07 2015

  By: Suzanne Denk, Animal Enrichment Specialist Remember paper bag pumpkins from preschool?  A brown lunch bag filled with hay provides an enriching way to provide a rabbit with some of his daily portion of hay.     Simply fill the …

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Help Them Heal Challenge: Cerulean

Aug 18 2015

Snip, snip, snip … Cerulean’s foster mom is in her front yard snipping clover. Doesn’t seem too out of the ordinary, except it’s 1 a.m. and she’s worried sick that the young rabbit was refusing new food. In her first …

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Enrichment Fun with your Rabbit

Feb 11 2015

Guest Blogger: Suzanne Denk, Animal Enrichment Specialist        Here are some great ideas to keep your hopper happy and mentally stimulated.  Enrichment isn’t just all fun and games!  Keeping your rabbit’s mind working is an important part of owning …

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Rabbit Enrichment with Behavior Training

Feb 11 2015

Guest Blogger: Laureen DzadovskyOriginally published in a Chicago House Rabbit Society newsletter Rabbits are quite fascinating. As we learn more about them, we find ways to enrich their lives as well as enriching our own. Bunnies respond very well to …

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Adopt a Senior Pet Month: Snowball

Nov 20 2014

With her unique appearance and gentle spirit, Snowball is a favorite among staff and volunteers here at Animal Friends. Snowball relishes in the attention from her adoring fans, hoping one of them will give her a home. The future was …

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Rabbit Care Workshop: Testimonial

Jun 02 2014

We’ve had rabbits for ten years and thought we knew almost everything about their behaviors and how to care for them. The rabbit care workshop at Animal Friends proved us very wrong. We have a finicky little mini lop named …

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They call me the Clover Ninja…

Jun 24 2013

Guest Blogger: Ann Ensminger, Director of Animal Wellness It was1:00 in the morning, and I was sitting up with my foster bunny, Cerulean, worrying that she had not eaten that day that as she should have.  This is a pretty …

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February is Adopt a Shelter Rabbit Month at Animal Friends

Feb 04 2013

Animal Friends is home to lots of lonely hearts this February. And, since February is Adopt a Shelter Rabbit Month, we’re lining up lots of hopportunities for rabbit enthusiasts—or just the rabbit-curious—to get involved. First of all, if you’ve never …

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