Animal Friends presents: Boom Boom!

Are you seeking a little man with good looks and a big, booming personality? Well, look no further because Boom Boom is the one you’ve been waiting for!

Boom Boom is confident and friendly with other dogs and can often be found flying through the air in play group with his shelter dog friends. He will do just about anything to get them to play and run with him, including trying some moves we humans find just a bit embarrassing! Although he is very confident with other dogs, he is wary of new people and will greet a stranger with big booming barks.
We have found that with some training and food rewards that we are able to modify this behavior, especially when he is practicing with someone he trusts. Once he knows you – this just takes a little patience and some tasty treats – he is a very smart, fun and loving little fellow. He enjoys playing with toys, running circles through the house and cuddling up with his person. And just wait until you see his moves on the agility course. Talk about a rockstar!
Boom is approximately 1-year old and would love to learn even more tricks from you. Even though he really enjoys relaxing in a baby stroller (yes, a baby stroller and we have pictures!) he does not appreciate when children are around. So Boom Boom would prefer to live in a home with adults and kids 15 and up.
If you think you have enough space in your heart and home for this Boom-ing special dog, please call the Animal Friends Adoption Department at 412-847-7002 to set up an appointment for a visit or email us at
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