Animal Friends presents: Pai Pai and Bubbles!

Are you someone who is always looking for a good challenge? Do you find that you enjoy strange personality quirks in others? Do you think that one handful just isn’t quite enough? Then how about two?! With our dynamic duo, Bubbles and Pai Pai, you can live that adventure that you seek! 
These girls come as a pair with Bubbles’ nutty-peanut-butter-like personality which goes great with Pai Pai’s sweet chocolaty self. They love playing together – great for getting them worn out – but don’t be worried if it looks like Bubbles is being overly bossy. Pai Pai can handle it and will keep on coming back for more.
Bubbles is one beautiful, sassy, babe looking for the right home. She is a gal who likes things on her terms with both dogs and people. Though Bubbles appears cottony soft, it’s important to remember to look but don’t touch as she does not enjoy being reached for. To fit into Bubbles’s world, any affection must be on her terms, as it should be with any discriminating young lady. She is very active, smart, and determined, showing an abundance of confidence in most situations with the exception of touching. Bubbles is very playful and loves playtime with other dogs, but she can be too much for some other dogs. She and Pai Pai, however, are best friends for life and must live together. 
Pai Pai is a shy-yet-friendly girl who needs a home with patience to allow her the time she needs to get comfortable in her environment. She tends to be afraid of strangers and can be easily startled; due to this she is considered a potential flight risk. Once she warms up to you she enjoys petting and cuddles. With both Bubbles and Pai Pai it is important to not push any handling on them but to wait for them to choose to come to you to receive their lovin’.  
The right home for this doggy duo will understand their quirks, be patient and spend time working with them to help them to become all that they can be. The girls will do best with children 15 and up in a home without cats. They enjoy other dogs and could do well in a home with more dogs, as long as the other dogs are okay with their roughhouse style of play. Both girls are young and energetic so will need to be able to exercise and play on a daily basis. 
Interested in meeting Bubbles and Pai Pai? Please call the Animal Friends Adoption Department at 412.847.7002 to set up an appointment for a visit or email us at
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