Baby Ready Pets Class Review

Dec 16 2013

Hello! My husband and I participated in the Baby Ready Pets class back in July, and I just wanted to say thanks again for all the great info. We definitely felt like we had a good plan for introducing our …

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Can Any Pet be a Baby-Ready Pet? Animal Friends Offers Baby-Ready Pets Classes

Oct 30 2013

By Kristy Locklin My cat, Hobbes, is a biter, as evidenced by my scarred appendages. Throughout my pregnancy, he eyeballed my belly and licked his lips in anticipation of tasting young, supple flesh. I bypassed the children’s book “Pat the …

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Cats and Babies

Jul 08 2013

Guest Blogger: Chanellie (with help from Human Mom Chris Whyle, Behavior Wellness Coordinator)Here I am again, your Special Cat Friend Chanellie, to present you with some Crunchy Treats of Wisdom (Pearls just don’t do anything for me) about Cats and …

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